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Bodegas Estefanía located in the DO Bierzo, in the northern part of Castilla & Leon, is a property made up of approximately 40 hectares (80 acres) of 100+ year-old vineyards. The vast majority is planted with the Mencia varietal, as bush vines, on steep south facing slopes. The property is a spectacular natural biosphere, with every type of bird, as well as rabbits and wild boar roaming freely. Each vine is tended individually by the vineyard manager, with care and love; you can see old vine stock propped up by slate stones to give them support.

The winemaker Raúl Pérez, who is from Bierzo, cut his teeth on Tilenus. Since then he has become renown as one of the finest winemakers in Spain. But Bodegas Estefanía remains one of his favorite projects; he returns every year to blend the wine from each of the vineyards that he has know since he was a young man.

The climate in Beirzo is dominated by the Atlantic Ocean, just across the Cantabrian Mountains to the north, as well as plenty of precipitation, moist air, and abundant sunshine that comes in the spring and summer from up from the plains of Castilla to the south, making this an ideal climate for growing vines. The harsh cold, winter is also very good for killing off the natural bugs, and keeping the vines healthy. Soils are predominantly clay, with good mineral content and drainage.

Tilenus is named after the primitive god Teleno, a Celtic god of war (equivalent to the Roman God, Mars). The reason for naming the wine Tilenus was to pay tribute to the Roman era in the Bierzo, when they were in the region began for the rich gold mines of the Médulas. You will also notice an old Roman coin on the label; this coin was discovered in the vineyard.



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